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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"A Week Without Gymnastics Makes One Weak"

As summer break for children approaches, parents are looking at their calendars and making wonderful plans for their summer break. While taking a vacation can lift your spirits and energize your soul, taking the entire summer off from a year-round sport can be detrimental to a gymnasts hard-work and training. They have worked so hard training to perfect skills, flexibility and conditioning. Even a short break from gymnastics will result in the loss of muscle, flexibility and strength which can take months to regain and unfortunately, puts them behind in their skill set when compared with their peers who came to gymnastics throughout the summer.

If your summer schedule does require a break from training at the gym, try to have your child continue basic stretching and conditioning techniques that can be done safely at home with adult supervision. Please consult with your child's coach for information regarding some safe and effective at-home techniques. While these measures will aide in keeping them as flexible and conditioned as possible, it by no means replaces the extremely valuable training provided to them at their gym.

Have a safe and happy summer and we look forward to seeing your smiling faces at the gym this summer!

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