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Friday, April 29, 2011

Various Benefits of Gymnastics for Children

When we think about gymnastics we typically think about flips, splits and radical moves that defy gravity, however, did you know that gymnastics provides children with many physical, cognitive, phsycological and educational benefits too?   When you watch your toddler's gymnastic instructor play silly games with the children in her class, she is not only teaching them the basic and important skills of gymnastics, but more importantly, teaching other skills that they will carry with them for a lifetime.  Gymnastics is one of the first sports you can introduce to your toddler.

Here is a brief list of some of the underlying benefits of gymnastics:
  • Increased spacial awareness
  • Longer attention spans and improved problem-solving skills
  • Aids in reading readiness through increased neurological pathway development from the increased physcial activity
  • Improved listening skills as they learn how to interact with coaches
  • Increased physical activity has been shown to increase children's self-esteem
  • Full body workout will increase bone density, flexibility, balance and strength
  • Skills gained through gymnastics can be carried through to other sports including; softball, basketball, soccer, baseball, football, skiing, just to name a few
With pediatric obesity at an alarming 13%, children need to be introduced to exercise programs at a young age.  Research has found that children who have a higher rate of physical fitness have a reduced risk in developing asthma, substance abuse, high blood pressure in adolescents (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1999), prevention of certain cancers (Merrett, Theis & Ashbury, 2000) and has helped to reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 58% (Yale University School of Medicine, 2001). 

Studies also show that children learn cognitive skills more effectively in an environment that includes the body as well as the mind (Barrett 1998). 

Help your child develop a love for exercise at a young age and you will be preparing them with healthy habits that will help them in living a long and happy life! 

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