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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Elite Gymnastics Academy Placing High at First Meets of the Season!!

We are very proud of our Level 6 Women's Team who placed 1st All-Around with an overall score of 108.450 at the 1st qualifier meet hosted by Northershore Gymnastics on October 2, 2011.

Other highlights include:

Bailey Davidson: 1st Place Vault, 1st Place Bars, 3rd Place Beam, 3rd Place Floor

Elise Goren: 2nd Place Beam

Sara Sabri: 2nd Place Vault

Rhea Kohli: 3rd Place Vault, 3rd Place Bars

Ashley Swanson: 3rd Place Bars, 3rd Place Floor

Claire Tangey: 1st Place Bars, 3rd Place Beam, 1st Place Floor

Isabell McCallum: 3rd Place Bars, 2nd Place Floor

Awesome job ladies! Way to go!! Keep up the great work...

Congratulations to our Level 5 Women's Team who placed 2nd All-Around at the 1st Qualifier at Northshore Gymnastics on October 2, 2011.

Some of the highlights include:

Alyse Dees: 1st Place Bars

Sierra Carmello: 3rd Place Vault, 3rd Place Floor

Great job once again!

Our Level 4 Team won 1st Place All-Around at the 2011 Flips Fall Hoe Down Meet with a total score of 106.7.

A few of the highlights include:

Sophia Gachne won 2nd Place on Floor

Elodie Prew won 1st Place on Vault, 2nd Place on Beam, 1st Place on Floor and 1st Place All-Around

Congratulations to our level 6 Team who won 1st Place All-Around at the 2011 Great Northern Invitational Meet on September 18th with a total score of 107.550. A few of the exciting highlights include:

Elsie Goren; Won 1st Place All-Around with a total score of 35.375 and 3rd Place on Beam and Floor.

Isabell McCallum won 1st Place on Beam.

Claire Tangey won 4th Place on Bars and Floor.

Bailey Davidson won 1st Place on Bars and Beam.

Rhea Kohli won 2nd Place on Vault and 3rd Place on Bars.

These are scores from just a few of our wonderful gymnasts. We are very proud of each and every one of you and wish you all luck on another successful meet season!

Elite Gymnastics Academy Levels 5 & 6 take 1st Place at the Great Northern Meet, September 18th, 2011.

Level 5 Team had a combined score of 105.1. Some Highlights Include:
Level 5; Adriana Johnson was 1st Place overall with a score of 34.050 and 3rd Place on Vault, Alyse Dees was 2nd All-Around with a score of 34.875 and took first on Bars and Floor; Lexi Frederick took first in her session on Floor and second on Beam, Emmalyn Dickerson took first in Vault and Sierra Carmello took 3rd Place on Floor in her session. We are all very proud of our gymnasts and look forward to another successful season!

Marissa Keiser won 3rd Place on Bars, 3rd Place on Beam, and 2nd Place All-Around

Courtney Tallos won 4th Place on Beam and 3rd Place All-Around