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Friday, June 3, 2011

Trampolines, flipping and jumping... Oh my!

How many of us or our neighbors have a trampoline adorning our backyards? While these are wonderful "toys" for our children, I bet most of us worry about the safety of these toys too.

Children will try anything on trampolines, they have no fear. Doing a flip, back bounce or other fun stunts can not only be fun, but harmful if done the wrong way.

Elite Gymanastics Academy is proud to be one of the few gymnastics training centers to offer trampoline and tumbling classes. Trampoline and tumbling is the hottest new sport and recently become part of the Olypmic Games in 2000. These unique classes will teach the proper and safe methods of flips and other stunts on a trampoline. Not only will children have a great time but they will also benefit in other ways too. It has been proven that jumping on a trampoline decreases stress and anxiety, prevents arthritis, helps with health conditions such as asthma, fatigue, headaches, sinus problems and ADHD. Who knew!

Visit our website at: today for our Summer Session schedule. These popular classes will fill fast so register early.

Keep them fit, keep them happy, keep them SAFE! See you at the gym!